Thursday, January 21, 2010

Crocheting cleaning aids, Help or Hindrance? Plus another great Free Pattern

My focus for Living from Scratch seems to be my cleaning supplies . As you can tell it was time to replace my supplies and I have been looking at what I can make instead of buy. Now I need to start putting my replacements into actual use. After our deep freeze and all the snow, we have defrosted in the warmer weather. Our driveway and yard has turned into a bog now and the forecast is for rain every day. The trucks sink into the driveway when they sit for a few minutes so now my driveway looks like a bombing zone. You don't want to see the state on my floors, they look like barn floors. I can clean them every night then by noon they look like I never cleaned. Lately my cleaning philosophy has been what's the point? but I can't stand it anymore. So today it's back to cleaning.

I did find this great pattern at

Instead of using disposable covers, crochet an economical reusable cover for your flat mop, sweeper or duster. The cover easily slips on and off for cleaning. Maybe I should crochet this before I start cleaning

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