Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ice Skating, anyone? I've got a rink for you...

It's in my basement (Note to self, never, ever, ever leave the barn hose attached to the outside spigot unless you want to freeze the pipe in the basement, resulting in the new ice rink in the basement.) There goes about 500 gallons of water on next months water bill.

Oh well, at least we finely got the heater going for the girls (the Lamas) water. Did you ever watch Mr. Blandings builds his dream house? If you did you'll remember the part where Mrs. Blandings is justifying a large expense from building their house. She starts by saying "All's I asked was for them to take 4 unused flagstones...." Well, I've been dragging buckets of warm water down to the girls, saying, "All's I asked was to borrow one little extension cord, just long enough to go to the barn to plug in the $80.00 submergible stock tank de-icer that I bought at the farm store." Well you know men, next thing I know my father and husband are off to Home Depot buying PVC pipe and electric parts to run electric to the barn. Then it got colder, and New Years Eve came and my dad had to do this and that, well all the women know how this was ending up. I had a frozen stock tank that I could no longer chip a hole thru the ice for the girls, I'm lugging buckets of water down to the barn, past all the supplies for the non-existent electric to the barn. Oh yeah, I can't forget the happy ending to my story, as I'm getting ready to tote a bucket down to the barn my son pulls up, I ask him to do it for me, he's flabbergasted that I want him to tote water, Quick like a bunny he's driving to Grandpa's and wam bam I've got 2 heavy-duty extension cords going to the de-iced stock tank, with promises that I’ll have electric down to the barn by spring. I even have the added promise that I will also have an extra electric receptacle by my garden to plug in all those electrical gardening attachments that I don't own. Men, sometimes I wonder?

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