Wednesday, January 20, 2010

My Kitchen Scrubbie was looking Scary

Time to replace it, but I'm not buying anymore. I found this great pattern at Crochet Patterns Only. Judith Prindle created this by translating a knitting pattern to crochet, so there's a link to the knitting pattern if you would rather knit it then crochet. The only changes I made is I used cotton yarn and I cut some netting into a long ½" continuous strip by *cutting the fabric to within ½" of the edge then making another long cut parallel to the first (going in the opposite direction) to within ½" of the edge --repeat from * until all the fabric wanted is cut. Wind into a ball. I then crochet the pattern using both the cotton and netting yarns together. I also found that I like the stiffer netting not the bridal veil type.

For the link to the knitted pattern click here.

A quick note:
When I crocheted the flower dish cloths from my 1/14/10 post, I added the netting yarn to the final rnd. That gave me a nice scrubby edging  for when I am cleaning off the table or stove and I come across those stubborn dried spots.

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