Thursday, January 28, 2010

Free Pattern - Duct Tape Crafts: Make a Duct Tape Bag

I saw this free pattern over at

It looks like an interesting purse project to make. Hey I've crocheted purses out of plastic bags so why not make a purse with Duct Tape?

Here's what they say about the free project and the book it comes from: Not to be confused with origami — the ancient Japanese art of paper-folding to create delicate, fragile items for the moment — ductigami employs ordinary off-the-shelf duct tape in the creation of functional folded objects that are built to suffer the rigors of modern life. Once you master the art of the tape, you will be able to construct some of the world’s most unique items of function and fashion. And part of their beauty is that if they ever wear out, they can be repaired quickly with more duct tape.

I am sure that you have enough knowledge and imagination to create a purse out of a solid sheet of tape, but here is a twist. We are going to do advanced ductigami: the weave. (Doesn’t work for hair, if anyone asks.)

And remember: A number of companies sell different colors of duct tape, so you’re not limited to just classic gray.

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