Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Why cloth diapers?

My Parents are on their 50th anniversary vacation, driving thru the Southern states. While they're gone my daughter has been painting their kitchen, dining room and bedrooms. I've been babysitting the #1GS. While we've been playing, I've been pondering the genius of cloth diapers. Wish they had diapers like these when my kids were in them. When DGS was born I made him some infant diapers. I found lots of free patterns on the Internet. Here's some links.

How to Sew a Fitted Cloth diaper (on the cheap!)

Free Cloth Diaper Patterns


Once he grew out of the cute newborn diapers I made out of bluejeans and polka dots I began pricing the Waterproof PUL Fabric Since our fabric stores do not carry this I found that buying it online was a pretty hefty price.

We stopped by

The price on new ones is a pretty hefty $17.95 Which is pretty worth it considering that you would not be buying diapers again after your initial investment. But then we found their used diaper drawer. First of all just seeing these used diapers makes you realize how will made they are, they still looked brand new, actually after using the used diapers for a year now, they still look brand new. And the prices of the used diapers are usually less that half price. They often run specials for the used diapers on their website. Click on their logo to check them out.

I don't work for Cotton Babies, even though it kinda sounds like it. Their diapers are just what we found that works for us, Grin. I will say that my DGS has had only 2 diaper rashes in his life, and both of those were when he was really sick and had diarrhea from antibiotics. My daughter lives on her disability income and not having to buy diapers has meant she can buy other things she needs for herself and her kids. And as a nurse I feel that cloth diapers are healthier for our babies. From A Tale of Two Diapers, "the OSHA "Material Safety Data Sheet on Superabsorbent Polymer" states, preexisting skin or breathing disorders may become aggravated through prolonged exposure. A study in the September 1999 issue of Archives of Environmental Health found that laboratory mice exposed to various brands of throwaway diapers suffered eye, nose, and throat irritation, including bronchoconstriction similar to that resulting from an asthma attack. The lead author of the study advised asthmatic mothers to avoid exposure to the chemicals found in most throwaway diapers.

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