Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Today is a sad day

I went out to greet the Llamas today and could not find Sassy, she never did accept my changing her name to Salsa. Chili was in the barn all warm and happily begging for a treat, but no Sassy. I found her out in the llama yard laying in the mud in a sunny spot. My son and I got her into my house and warmed up. She perked up and was laying on the carpet in my living room snuggled up in a blanket drinking water and getting her ears scratched at her favorite spots. After talking to the Vet’s office, my son and I were in the truck on the way to the Farm store to get the recommended medical supplies when my husband called to tell us that Sassy had passed away, he thought it looked like she had had a heart attack. In the morning Chili will go to the Vet to be checked out, she appears hale and healthy but so did Sassy yesterday, the barn and llama pen will receive an extra cleaning tomorrow and we will begin the process of grieving for our lost girl.

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