Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Have you ever watched someone physically wilt in front of you?

Just tell the cashier at Walmart you have your own bags. I swear I saw her give an inward sigh.

It never fails, everytime I sew cloth shopping bags for myself, I end up giving them away. So this week I began sewing bags for myself, I mean it family, I'm keeping these bags! Our Walmart is closeing out it's fabric department so i have been snapping up lots of sweet fabrics at super cheep prices. Last summer our fabric store in the next town had all their Simplicity patterns on sale for $2.99 so I stocked up. I bought Simplicity 2806 and every person in my family, well all the girls, have made me make them the orange bag on the bottom right hand corner. It's really a great bag each of those outside pockets will hold a 2 liter bottle, so if you can lift 6 liters of soda and some groceries inside the bag you only have to carry one bag.

Here's the bag I finally made for myself. I also sewed 10 bags that are shaped just like the stores plastic grocery bags. Then I took some old lace curtains and sewed some drawstring bags for my produce.

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