Monday, January 25, 2010

How I came up with the Garden plan

Yesterday I was searching around on the Internet for a free garden planner. I came across this great website with lots of nifty vegetable garden styles. On it they have a link to a free 1 month trial for
I signed up for the free trial and found that the software can't be any easier. I had my garden designed and printed in an hour even while I was babysitting the grand kids. Just click on the Grow logo to go to the free trial.


  1. Wayne loves his Kindle. His favourite feature is being able to increase the size of the print. It makes reading so much easier for him. I am not sure if you know several of his books are available in Kindle format. You might like to try Up the Lake for $.99.

  2. Yay, A new book to read. This will diffently be on my booklist
    ☻ Pacy



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